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Airgun Cylinder Fill Calculator

Use this calculator to work out how many fills your airgun will get from a given scuba/dive cylinder.
Just fill in the fields and click the calculate button and the approximate number of fills will be displayed.
For the "Airgun Cylinder Size" you can pick your airgun model from the drop down list which fills in the box below it.
If your airgun is not listed just enter the CC capacity of your airgun as per its specification sheet in the "cc" box and the calculation will use this.

Scuba/Divers Cylinder Capacity (litres):


Cylinder Fill Pressure (bar):


Airgun Cylinder Capacity:

  OR enter capacity below if you know the value!

Airgun Fill Pressure:


Airgun Empty Pressure:


Filling Hose Type:


Approximate number of refills = 0
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