Shooting Rest BOG Deadshot Chairpod
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Shooting Rest BOG Deadshot Chairpod

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This BOG DeadShot Chairpod provides true benchrest accuracy from a single shooting unit. No need to bother with carrying chairs and separate rests out to the ground blind or the range to sight-in your weapon. The BOG DeadShot Chairpod provides all of that in one package; it has a comfortable heavy duty chair with a built-in post and swing arm assembly that fully supports your weapon front and rear.

Extend your effective shooting range by stabilizing the entire weight of your gun or crossbow with this convenient package. The BOG DeadShot Chairpod holds your weapon securely in the ready position while freeing up hands for binoculars, rangefinder or warm pockets. The innovative multi-bearing swing arm system provides smooth and stable movement from extreme angles left to right with minimal body movement and the chair silently spins 360° to get you on the target no matter where it is.

Combined with a tension adjustable up/down tilt function the rest easily allows for precise alignment across the entire range of possible shooting angles. The upper portion of the rest adjusts in length and balance point to accommodate any gun or crossbow. Rubber over-moulded front and rear forks along with a retention strap ensure your weapon is held securely at all times.



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