About us

Krale Wholesale is part of Krale BV, a family company with over a hundred years of experience and a well sorted portfolio with great brands that we are able to import or distribute. For instance, we supply products from FX Airguns, Carl Walther and Caldwell, but also Bergara, RIO, Bore Tech, Element Optics and many more. Straight lines make for a swift supply and our large warehouse means we are able to stock big in order to dispatch quickly.

In short, we pride ourselves being a reliable partner in which we stand for what we say and say where it stands. Clear, open and transparent.

We’ve got a well-equipped workshop with knowledgeable specialists and are certified to provide repairs for guarantees for many brands. On top of that, we’ve got 10 metres and 50 metres shooting ranges in our basement in order to test our products. At Krale Wholesale, we offer the complete package!

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